• Species - Feline - "Lancelot"
  • Breed - Domestic Shorthair
  • Age - 6 months old
  • Sex - MC

Primary Client Complaint - In the owner's words: "My kitten was fine up until two days ago when he stopped eating and playing, became very listless, and started to have a funny look in his eyes like he was squinting. Today he just hides under the sofa and won't eat or drink. Also, I hear him sneezing and he has mucus coming from his eyes and nose."

    Based on the signalment and primary client complaint,
    do you have
    any biases?


  • The owner adds the following history:

    "We obtained this kitten as a stray 2 months ago. His health up to this time has been excellent, including a good appetite and normal energy and activity level. He has had two "5-in-1 combo" vaccinations and a rabies vaccination. He is fed a quality brand cat food. He mostly stays in my house, but sometimes I let him go outside for a little while in my back yard. We have 4 other adult cats in our house and one is pregnant and expecting to give birth to kittens any day now."

    Additional History: What other questions might you ask of the owners to further characterize the abnormalities in this case?

    Physical Exam

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